Visa Requirements 

N.B. The New Regulations below have been postponed to be implemented on a latter date

New Regulations for obtaining Tourist Visas to Egypt to be applied starting from May 15, 2015

Individual Tourists must obtain visas from Egyptian Missions prior to their arrival to Egypt

Tourist groups are still allowed to obtain visas to Egypt upon arrival to the country. These visas, obtained in Egypt, must be obtained for the tourist groups by Egyptian Tourist Agencies

For U.S Citizens

1- The passport.‎

‎2- Visa application “click here”.

‎3- Two passport photos.‎

‎4- Charges for Visas “click here“.

‎5- Business letter (for business visas only).

For non-U.S citizens

1- The passport.‎

‎2- Visa application.”click here” 

‎3- Two passport photos.‎

‎4- Copy of the Green Card or the American Visa.‎

‎5- Charges for Visas “click here” .

‎6- Business letter (for business visas only).‎