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<strong>Tourist and Business Visa to Egypt</strong>

Egyptian Consulate in New York welcomes you and informs that you can obtain a tourist or entry visa to Egypt with the following regulations:

<strong>1. </strong>The Visa is valid only for travel within six months from the date of issue and is valid only for One- month stay in Egypt, beginning on the date of arrival. If you have a reason to extend your stay, you can do that from the ministry of interior affairs in Egypt after declaring the reasons for that and their acceptance for that reasons.

<strong>2. </strong>There are two types of Egyptian visa:

Tourist Visa:is usually valid for a period not exceeding six months and granted on either single or multiple entry basis.

Entry Visa: is required for any foreigner arriving in Egypt for purposes other than tourism, e.g. business, work, study, etc. The possession of a valid Entry Visa is needed to complete the residence procedure in Egypt.

<strong>3. </strong>Those in possession of a residence permit in Egypt are not required to obtain an entry visa if they leave the country and return to it within the validity of their residence permit or within six months, whichever period is less.

<strong>4. </strong>Egyptian visa fees do not apply to the following:   Holders of diplomatic passports / Officials of international organizations and specialized agencies and state delegates to conferences /  Arab League officials / Non-national spouses of Egyptian nationals / Non-diplomatic personnel of diplomatic and consular missions residing in Egypt / Parents, siblings and adult children of members of the diplomatic and consular corps residing in Egypt.

<strong>5. </strong>Any Egyptian citizen holding a foreign passport will be granted a visa free of charge (gratis) after declaring proof for Egyptian nationality like Egyptian (passport, personal or family identification card), also the foreign wife to Egyptian husband will be granted a visa free of charge after declaring a proof for their marriage (<strong>Egyptian</strong> Marriage Certificate only).

<strong>6. </strong>American citizens (holding American passport and not any other kind of documents) can obtain a visa (single entry or multiple entries) through the Consulate for $15. Also, they can obtain a visa upon arrival in Egypt (The departure from the arrival port will be delayed for some time until obtaining the visa).

<strong>7. </strong>Citizens of some countries need to have a clearance from Egyptian authorities before granting them tourist or entry visa which takes not less than 6 weeks, so please contact the consulate and dial extension 14 to know about your case.

<strong>8. </strong>You can <a href=”” target=”_blank”>download the visa application form,</a> obtain it from the consulate or send a mail request to the consulate with self-addressed stamped envelope.

<strong>9. </strong>For Business visa applicants, kindly enclose a letter from the Company stating the purpose of the trip, duration of stay, and who would be responsible for travel &amp; accommodation expenses.

<strong>10. </strong>Visa fees varies from one nationality to another as follow. The US Citizen fee is $15. For other nationalities, please contact the Consulate and enter the extension no. 14.

<strong>11. </strong>To obtain a visa Please submit the following to the consulate:

<strong>a.</strong> A valid passport for at least 6 months, and a blank page to stamp the visa.   <strong>b.</strong> Two (2) passport size photos (2×2), with WHITE background. Person must be facing the camera showing both ears.    <strong></strong>

<strong>c.</strong> Completed application.

<strong>d.</strong> Visa fees in cash, <strong>Postal </strong>money order or Certified Check payable to “Consulate of Egypt in New York”, Personal &amp;Business Check are not accepted. <strong></strong>

<strong>e.</strong> For mail, please enclose self-addressed stamped envelope to send the passport.

<strong>12. </strong>The Consulate needs 5 business days to process your visa. Any missing document will delay this process.
<h4>Machine-Readable Egyptian Passports</h4>
We are pleased to announce that from 28th April 2010 the Consulate  of the Arab Republic of Egypt in New York, will accept passport  applications for the issuance of machine-readable Egyptian passports.

Application forms are only obtainable from the Egyptian  Consulate, in person.  Applications will be sent to the issuing  authority in Egypt, and subsequently returned to the applicant, via the  Consulate.

The new style passports will not facilitate dependants  ie. Spouse/children, they will be required to apply for  separate/individual passports.

Once issued, the information contained on the machine-readable  passport cannot be amended, without first amending your Identity Card.   Again, any amendments will be processed through the issuing authority  in Egypt.
<h4>Application requirements:</h4>
In addition to normal passport application requirements, please supply the following:
<li>Birth Certificate (showing national ID number for children under 16 years of age/women over 60 years of age)</li>
<li>ID Card (for those over 16 years of age)</li>
Passport fees:
<li>Passport – $110</li>
<li>Damaged/stolen passport – $125</li>
<strong>Egyptian Birth Certificates</strong>

<li>The original American birth  certificate</li>
<li>Parents’ valid passports</li>
<li>Parents’ marriage certificate</li>
<li>Complete application form-lodged at  the Consulate</li>
<li>Fees of Application 32 when applying during  the first three months of birth and Application 26 when   applying after that period</li>
<li>A photograph of the child</li>
<li>If the mother has converted to Islam,  the conversion  certificate is require</li>
<strong>Legalization  of Powers of Attorney, Affidavits and other documents</strong> <strong>Issued in the United States </strong>
<li>Only American documents (marriage and/or divorce certificates, contracts etc…) must first be  legalized from the Office of the Secretary of State.</li>
<li>The document should then be legalized  at the Consulate during working hours.</li>
<li>For commercial documents, fees are $55    per document.</li>
<li>For non- commercial documents, fees are $25 per document.</li>
<li>Documents can be sent by post  FOR THE  ATTENTION OF THE LEGALIZATION SECTION taken into consideration  the following  conditions are fulfilled:
<li>The  document has already been legalized by the Office of the Secretary of State.</li>
<li>The  EXACT amount of fees  should to be sent by Postal Money Orders ONLY made payable to  “The Egyptian  Consulate” (CHEQUES AND CASH ARE NOT ACCEPTED).</li>
<li>A  self-addressed return  envelope should be enclosed bearing the name and full  address of the  sender written clearly in BLOCK CAPITAL letters – with sufficient   stamps.</li>
<li>Documents  should be sent by Registered or Recorded Delivery (not regular post).</li>
<li>Please note that the Consulate holds  no responsibility for the loss of documents sent by post</li>
Important notification concerning the legalization of commercial documents:

1) The consulate general will not legalize any commercial documents certified by the American Egyptian Cooperation Foundation (AECF). The seal of the said Foundation is not recognized by the consulate.

2) In order for the Consulate to legalize commercial documents such as certificates of origin, commercial invoices, health certificates and halal certificates, the documents must be certified as follows:

a- certified by a chamber of commerce recognized under the laws of the State.

b- notarized by a notary public and attested to by the county clerk where the notary is commissioned or authenticated by the secretary of State, or the US department of state.

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